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Over 100 years experience in the Amusement Business over 5 Generations - 2010 Silcock Leisure Group  


 Crichton's No1 Bioscope
Crichton's 89 Key Gavioli Organ built in Paris by Gavioli for his No.1 Bioscope show
Emerson's 65 Key Gavioli
Emerson's 65 key Gavioli built c1895 by Gavioli in Paris
Waldkirch Organ
89 Key Gavioli G4 Organ purchased from Waldkirch Museum in the Black Forest of Germany.
The Three Delights

Over the years Mr Silcock Senior has built up a collection of fairground memorabilia and part of this collection are 3 Gavioli Organs which he calls his 'Three Delights'.

Fairground Organs are generally referred to by who owned them and for what they were used for.

They are the 'Waldkirch Organ', 'Emerson's Organ' and 'Crichton's No.1 Bioscope Organ'